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Bamboo Commercial Toilet paper 2 ply 550 sheet 80 rolls

Bamboo Commercial Toilet paper 2 ply 550 sheet 80 rolls

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Introducing our eco-friendly and ultra-soft Bamboo Toilet Paper, a sustainable choice for your everyday needs. This 2-ply toilet paper is designed with your comfort in mind, offering 550 sheets per roll for long-lasting use. Made from premium bamboo fibers, this toilet paper is not only gentle on the skin but also environmentally friendly. Say goodbye to rough and environmentally damaging toilet paper options—make the switch to our Bamboo Toilet Paper for a luxurious bathroom experience that's kind to the planet.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, growing up to 3 feet per day while absorbing massive amounts of carbon during its growth! Bamboo reaches harvest maturity in just three years, and unlike trees, bamboo does not need to be replanted after it is harvested as the bamboo will continue to grow.

Large, traditional toilet paper companies source their softest toilet paper from old-growth forests. These forests are essential for preserving ancient eco-systems and storing enormous amounts of carbon. Switching to bamboo keeps these forests intact!  

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