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ETI Solutions was started with a vision to help educate and train short-term rental companies while continuing to bring innovative equipment, cleaning, and disinfecting products to the industry.

Custom Cleaning Programs

Custom cleaning programs that are effective, efficient, and affordable for customers are developed with your needs in mind. We have several options for you and your housekeeping team. We train and educate you on all cleaning and disinfecting aspects of your property. We can work with you on general cleaning and disinfecting, carpet and stain removal, odor elimination, as well as specialized needs such as natural stone cleaning and polishing.

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About ETI Solutions

With more than 20 years of experience in cleaning and sanitation, our team noticed the same issues kept resurfacing. Our time spent on the front lines really showed what short-term rentals were up against. Unlike corporate hotel chains that have entire teams devoted to systematic cleaning procedures, the short-term vacation rental market was lacking in consistent and standardized cleaning programs. Property managers in the short-term rental market have to act as multiple departments at once, and that is where ETI comes in. We can analyze, recommend, and implement a cleaning program that fits the needs of your business or property.

It doesn’t matter what types of products you are using, if the staff is not trained on how to use them properly you simply won’t provide a consistent guest experience. On top of providing you with the knowledge and products, we can also work with your cleaning staff.