Spotless Secrets: The Art & Science of Vacation Rental Cleaning with Sean Kemper

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It’s the number one criteria on most guests’ must have list.  They want to arrive at a spotlessly clean property for their vacation and if it does not meet expectations, you’ll hear about it.

Cleaning, housekeeping and maintenance are such an essential part of this business, but they tend to take a back seat to the ‘front of house’ functions such as marketing and communications - and they cannot be carried out by AI (at least not yet).

In this episode Sean Kemper of ETI Solutions talks about the art of cleaning; how to choose the right products for the right purposes; and why we should become much more educated about what we use (and what is being used)  in our properties.

He shares:

  • the Art of Clean and what it means
  • Why every owner and property manager should know about cleaning products
  • The simple remedy to the blackfoot problem and why it doesn’t involve any products at all
  • Where to use acids and where to use alkalis
  • Why its important to use the right tea tree oil
  • The nature of mildew and how to eradicate it
  • Why we should find out what a cleaner or housekeeper is using and how to guide them in the direction of alternatives.
  • Useful questions to ask them when hiring?
  • Tips on removing odors, cleaning windows and making sparkles.

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