Prevention of Slips, Trips and Falls, in the Vacation Rental Industry with Sean Kemper

Safer VRS
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We have all heard about slippery bathtubs and showers, and other potential hazards of walking on rugs in a vacation rental. And for today’s episode, let’s understand and apply the science
on how to prevent these hazards in the VR industry.
Eric’s guest is Sean Kempler who has more than 25 years of extensive background in chemical manufacturing, training, and education and now helps in the family business- Kempler Industries, in the manufacturing and distribution side of the business.
Eric and Sean bring their expertise on the table by combining safety and science in discussing the 3 of the most common hazards
found in vacation rental properties and how to prevent it by using the correct tools, design, and equipment. Listen to the episode now and be proactive in providing a safer and cleaner stay for your guests.
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